My Insurance Policy

(Jesus:) I want to open your eyes and alert you to the fact that the world is growing darker and more dangerous, and not just spiritually. It began in the spirit world, but the evil spirits that roam the Earth affect the physical too.

Now, more than ever, the Enemy walks about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour in any way (1Pet.5:8). He’s not lying off in the bush somewhere, waiting for you to pass by him. He’s mad and he’s actively hunting for you, looking for an open door, some way to harm your physical life, your spirit, or your possessions.
Of course you don’t have to fear him or confine yourself to a fortress in order to be safe. I am still God and I’m still all-powerful. Those dark spirits cannot go beyond the bounds that I have set for them. And you are My loves and My servants. I will protect you as you go about My work, wherever that takes you. But you do have to be vigilant and watchful. You do have to be on guard and make use of My power in order to be safe. You do have to know that the Enemy is about, and that you’re on his territory and at war, so in order to stay safe and protected, you need to do your part: physically to an extent, and spiritually most of all.

The Enemy knows who you are and where you are, even if all the bad and evil people in the world don’t know. And it’s not difficult for the Devil to inspire those who have already begun living lives of crime and evil to attack those that he points them toward. The evildoers might not know that you’re anything special, but the Devil does‚ and he will try to use these pawns of his to do physical damage to you. I warn you of this because I promised I would always be faithful to My servants. This is an area that a lot of people don’t think much about until something happens to them. So I am being a faithful Protector and reminding you of this area, asking you to heighten your guard through prayer and personal vigilance, and to keep a stronger connection with the spirit world.

This merging of the physical and spiritual worlds works both ways. Just as evil men are more easily inspired by the Enemy to do evil, so can you be more easily inspired by Me and My good spirits–and part of what we can do for you is to be your early-warning system, warning and guiding you away from trouble spots, and giving you supernatural discernment that can help you not to fall into the Enemy’s traps.

My power is not weak, and I will never lose a battle. When the Enemy is allowed to attack you with danger, loss, accidents, sickness‚ etc., there are many reasons. It’s often because I wanted to teach you something very specific by it, or because you didn’t activate the proper defenses and thus your spirit helpers were limited in their involvement.

Although he can influence circumstances and make things difficult for you, you have My full insurance plan if you choose to use it. And that is, as long as you’re close to Me, doing your part in the spiritual and physical, and invoking the power of your spiritual weapons, you are protected. Either his attacks will bounce off harmlessly, or they will be deflected and only allowed to touch you as much as I know is needful‚ or in some cases I’ll allow something to get through because I want to bring a much greater victory out of it‚ greater good. That’s the confidence and assurance that you can have in Me.

The primary way Satan fights you will always be in your minds and hearts, as nothing is more devastating than for the fortress of your heart to be subverted from within. So while most of you keep your attention on the spiritual battles, the Devil will often try what he considers to be the “back door” of the physical realm where you’re not always as careful, watchful, or on guard.

 Take care for the “back door”, be watchful and on guard

I’m telling you this because it’s necessary for you to realize that he is also trying to hurt you in the physical. It’s not enough to be on guard against his inroads through criticalness or self-righteousness or murmuring or comparing or discouragement or System influences. You must also watch the physical side and see if there’s any way he might be trying to come in.

You’ll never be able to shore up everything possible in the physical realm, but you do need to be aware and on the lookout for any weak spots, and then either do something about them physically, or bathe them constantly in prayer, beseeching Me to do what you cannot do. This means not just a simple‚ routine prayer for protection that has become a mere ritual to you. This means to wholeheartedly summon My angelic protection around you at all times, especially when you’re sleeping, going out, or leaving things unguarded when warranted, such as leaving your house alone for a weekend, or your car parked for a few hours.

Maintaining your spiritual force field is simple in theory‚ but in practice it’s not that easy to keep it strong. It’s far easier to give way to lethargy or forgetfulness, and try to glide by in half-hearted reliance on outdated weaponry. Maybe your standard “Jesus, protect us tonight” prayer was sincere and powerful the first few times you prayed it, but over time it has become nothing but a ritual, and you say it from habit rather than from the heart. Or perhaps you give lip service to the idea of asking Me everything while you are out and about, but in reality it’s something you rarely do. So although I say the answer is simple, there is effort involved. Remember it as your insurance plan. I and My heavenly hosts are offering you full coverage protection and remuneration against theft, assault, auto accidents, natural disasters, fire, war–the works. We’ve got you covered, but it’s not free. Your fee is to put forth the effort to make your prayers powerful, to slow down and ask Me everything, to work and live and travel with full possession as you take on My mind, to keep praises on your lips for My power‚ and to work with your spirit helpers and listen to them.

Devotions at anchor 
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“The standard of discipleship is defined in the Bible.”

“Discipleship is discipleship! I require the same of my brides today as I did of the first disciples.”
Jesus Speaking

my brides awake, the groom comes!

“They claim to be Mine-My wife-My Church- but the relationship is in name only. There is no other relationship. They have no other communion. They have no other intercourse and they bear no children. Therefore is this hypocrisy and not a marriage. This is pretense and not love.” prophecy…Old Church New Church

“THE MEN WHOSE OPINIONS THOU LOVEST SHALL DESTROY THEE and the Beast whose honor thou favourest shall devour thee. For why dost thou not return unto Me, O thou backsliding daughter? Why dost thou not repent of thy spiritual whoredoms?” old church new church

For you who want a “deeper truth”, more depth than is being offered at your local church or fellowship. For you who “sense” there is more in My Word than meets the eye, but somehow it seems to be always just out of your reach, like there’s a barrier keeping you from attaining it. I say to you, dig deeper. Stretch your faith to believe. Do not be discouraged after the first and second attempt at trying to find it. I promise you there is something out there; in fact there is a whole universe of truth out there just waiting for the man or woman of faith to access them. The key is faith, faith to believe that I am not “way out there” withholding, but in fact right beside you, waiting to part the veil between our two worlds to reveal those truths that your soul hungers for. What holds My hand from releasing these treasures? Your faith does, for according to your faith it will be done unto you.

If you are tired of the prosperity preachers and their promises of riches on this earth, riches that you know very well will pass away leaving you spiritually penniless when you enter My Kingdom , then step out by faith and exercise this “old” but often unused truth, “ Come unto Me and learn of Me and I will give you the riches of My Kingdom.” I love you My bride, place your ear to My lips and listen to My whispers. The trinkets and entertainments of this world are designed to dull your spirits to the realities of My spirit. Do you know the meaning of “entertainment”? Away from thinking! Yes the things of this world, that temporarily satisfy the flesh are designed to take your mind off the problems you face each day, they are also designed to take your mind of the things of the Spirit. They are designed to lead you away from the light of My Word and into a spiritual void; you have entered the world of the spiritually lazy. The demon of lethargy has you in his grip. You must break out, time is short.

Have you noticed though, that the entertainments of this world never satisfy? Take a look at what you fill your life with, and ask yourself how much it has really satisfied you. Your flesh is never satisfied, it is always eating, always demanding some new toy or trinket, the latest cell phone, another restaurant, that new car or addition to your already sated life. I assure you, your flesh will go on demanding until the day you pass from this life to meet Me at the door of your next life. You ask yourself sometimes, is this all there is to life? I am telling you this life is nothing but an empty shell without Me as your Companion. Again I say to you My beloved:

“Use the keys to unlock the secrets and the power within My Words. Many are the illusions and lies the Enemy will attempt to blind you with, but when you use these keys, you will come across mysteries and their answers in My Word that you never saw before.”







“Many of My disciples through the centuries have forsaken the mantle of faith and lost that anointing of power. Yes, there have been some who have stood head and shoulders above their brethren, performing miracles and speaking to men’s hearts through the power of My Spirit, but it has been limited, as the church was largely buried in the traditions and rudiments of this world, as My children gradually began to depend more on carnal means, as they forgot Me and served the god of this world.” Jesus speaking.

“But these are they which are virgins in My sight, who follow the Lamb withersoever He goeth, and who minister unto Me and who are not contaminated by the things of this world- the things in which her soul delighted- but their delight is only in Me- their joy is only in My presence and they do follow Me whithersoever I go, even through Great Tribulation.” Old Church New Church

“THESE ARE THEY THAT LOVE ME. For who is My mother and who are My brethren and who are My sisters? They that do the will of My Father..” prophecy…Old Church New Church