Great faith must have great trials

For the contestant, running a race of faith, can be, at times, likened to running a 400-meter surge on the last lap of a marathon. There is one feature in that last 400 meters that must be unquestionable; paying no heed to the enemy who is right there at your side threatening your conquest.  

I had the privilege to spectate such a race this past week; it was a memorable race, with an extraordinary finish!

This is how it unfolded and how it was won.

The contestant—my daughter’s boyfriend, the support crew—mainly children who possessed that matter-of-fact variety of faith, the race setting -one that many of us face many times in our lives, financial trouble.

In reflection, the runner made a few key moves that I believe won him the race.  His race-end perspective may be different, but as a spectator this is what I saw. On the back stretch, with his eye on the post, his primary move was to share his fears and ask for prayer. “Asking for united prayer and being willing to share your lessons and your heart is so helpful and such a good thing. It’s good for your humility, and united prayer is a powerful force for good and change. The power that we have when we pray unitedly is tremendous—much greater than one of us just praying on our own, no matter how desperately.”

That last 400; when you are struck with the realization that what you are facing is truly beyond your own strength. The props have gone, the training, race preparation and experience are all forgotten, only you, the enemy and…the finish line! It was at this point that our brave winner let go! Have you ever watched “Chariots of Fire”? At that point in the race when you are spent and God takes over, you throw it all into the arms of your Savior. Oh the elation, the reckless, wholesome praiseful abandon, the magic formula of faith, the substance of things hoped,  the evidence of things not seen—crossing that line with raised arms in praise to a God that promised He would not fail in one of His precious promises—was realized in the last 400.

“These battles of faith should show you that you need to move higher in the spirit so that the things of the world don’t have such influence on you. It is entirely possible because Jesus has given you spiritual weapons that are stronger and have much more power than that enemy breathing down your neck. This is how Jesus teaches you how to use them.”

Our story unfolds as our young man, experienced in business and making money, finds himself in a situation where his experience, training and preparation miserably fail him. It was one of those measured frustrating defeats that come upon one slowly and almost hopelessly. The extenuating circumstances could be blamed on others, the situation, or whatever, but in this case, our man of faith realized he was in line for a lesson. Wisdom begins to reveal a maker behind the cookie on his plate. The past and the future all rush into one single point of focus, “I gotta get out of this hole, but how? I have nothing left; what I thought was possible is no longer what it once seemed.”

 At what point in the marathon he came to me, I don’t know, but it truly looked like the last 400 meters to me. He had stepped out by faith and booked his and my daughters airline tickets without any physical means of supporting the idea. “God showed me to do it” is what he told me. Well, for me, that was like a green light. We gathered those “crazy faith” kids of ours, explained the basic battlefield layout. The war room was set up and the fight began. There was money owed, but it was not happening. The prayers continued unabated hourly for one week—zero results.  The last 400 meters was coming into view, it was time to “let go”.  “Oh God I can’t do this!” “No, you can’t, because this race was designed in such a way that only I can”, God replied.  Our man of faith crosses the magical 400 meter barrier,  and with two days to go, God takes over!  Some money arrives at the door, part payment from someone who owed. The next morning another domino falls -a friend agrees to take on the burden of retrieving another debt after our man leaves the country, and hands over the money still owed! Victory!

But wait, there is still one day left, surely God is not finished. Where is the winner’s laurel? Where does the “Well done thy good and faithful servant” part come in? The former came as many miracles do, unexpected yet hoped for. In this case, it was found under the seat of his car in the form of a wad of cash that till that point had remained a secreted stash waiting for the right key to unlock it. Now the key was one of those special Heavenly ones called “the law of love”. And it was manifested by a good deed. Someone’s car had broken down outside his house and he went out to help them, and during the operation needed a spanner, which he remembered was under the back seat of his pick-up.  He reached inside the toolbox only to find a bank note in his hand!! He went in again, another and another and yet another bank note emerged.  Forty-one high denomination bills came forth from the window of Heaven.

“I promise to lead you through to a place of victory that cannot be taken away from you.”

The Last 400   The Last 400    The Last 400     The Last 400     The Last 400     The Last 400





“A soldier does not have the luxury of deciding upon each new day whether he will fight or not. A soldier with that privilege is not fit to be in the war. Wake up in the morning‚ let the realization of the battle dawn on you suddenly, and without thought, get up and fight that battle.”

“When it is time to get into the ship of endurance, you will know it. You will batten down the hatches and you will endure, knowing that the trial is but for a time, and afterward there is exceeding great reward, and that it works in you a far more precious result.”

The worlds are framed by God’s Word. God’s Word is the foundation and frame of the world you live in

so why worry its in God’s hands


i’m not going to sink

“When you are passing through that time period of endurance, it’s like floating in your boat out on the open sea. You may not know where the shore is across the sea, and you may not know how far away it is, but what you do know is that there is a shore, and that you are on My current, and that I am taking you there. You’ve put all in My hands, and you’ve decided, “I’m not going to sink, for God is going to take me to that shore.” You don’t let the winds discourage you, and you don’t give up when the waves come. Nothing can stop your faith. This kind of faith always reaches the shore! It has never failed yet. That is the faith that goes through the storm, because it can’t be sunk.” 

“The battle I have called you to may just be the time of endurance for you, to prove your faith to Me and to yourself, and to grow your faith and your rewards. There are often many other reasons I allow long-term battles‚ often for a testimony to others and to grow their faith. But eventually, you will reach the shore.” Jesus

Why worry, put it in God’s hands

“But once you’re sure‚ then make your stand of faith through endurance. You will reach the other side. Jesus has never failed yet. Faith is the victory, and faith always gets to the victory, every time! Why? Because it is founded on God’s Word, and God’s Word never fails. Your faith is placed in Jesus, and He never fails. The worlds are framed by God’s Word. God’s Word is the foundation and frame of the world you live in, and if you are standing on that foundation and within that framework, your stand is sure‚ and has the ability to outlast anything that comes against it.”


If you feel down and defeated and like it’s no use, that’s the time to stand up and fight! When the goin’ gets tough, the tough get goin’! Even if you don’t feel so tough, or you don’t feel like you’ve got one more ounce of strength in you to keep going—well, that’s the time to just sock it to the devil anyhow. That’s the time to walk by faith, not by sight, ’cause the Lord won’t fail you!

Be importunate in prayer

“Doing all you can also means being willing to pray for something more than once, and sometimes many times. Sometimes you must be importunate in prayer, repeatedly asking and fighting for the answer until it arrives. Some situations require more than one prayer to bring the answer to pass.”

How to Endure. . .How to Endure. . .How to Endure. . .How to Endure






“HE IS NO FOOL who trades what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose!”–Have you? 



How to Endure

How to Endure


















faith. . .the true coinage

 “Faith is the true coinage of the Heavenly realm, and the quantity and amount of faith you have when you leave this life and take up residence there is going to be of real value to you.”

what is the value of faith?

“The value of enlarging your faith and cultivating it is of inestimable value in the spirit world. Your faith will last eternally.” That’s one reason being born into a life on Earth is such a privilege and why you should use your time there wisely, because it is a stage of existence where you can determine your rewards and your status and develop as much value as you want to have here.”

Examine your faith

“You know whether you’re fighting effectively in a certain situation by examining your situation‚ examining the foundation you are standing on, and asking yourself if you are effectively fighting the Enemy and defeating every attack he throws at you to try to push you off that foundation of faith. If you are making an effective stand‚ you won’t allow anything to weaken your faith. That’s how you know whether you are fighting effectively.”


“So if you’re doing all you can do‚ if your foundation is sure, if you’re fighting with all your weapons and not getting weaker in spirit, then it is time to go through the storm and trust that I will help you survive, and I will. It’s time to make your stand and let nothing move you spiritually. If you are moved, then something is wrong with your faith and you need to find out what it is‚ strengthen it, or move to the right foundation, or attend to whatever the weakness is.” Jesus


                                                                                            The keys of the Kingdom have the power to bring miraculous answers to prayer and perform the impossible. But they also have the power to bestow upon you great faith to trust in extremely adverse circumstances. The keys will be your salvation.


“Faith is actually a stand you make because of your belief. You take a stand of faith on some truth, based on God’s love and His Word.”



Remember, faith is blind to failure or defeat. Faith is also able to quench or withstand any attack of the Enemy. 

To endure means to persevere, to resist, to have the strength to not give up. It means that your roots are so deep and your stance is so strong that nothing is going to move you.




“I’m not saying it’s easy. I’m saying if you have real faith you simply have to make your stand on it, come hell or high water.” 

“If your faith is growing weaker, then you know you are not fighting effectively enough, and you need to examine your foundation‚ examine your weapons, examine your faith, look at THE Word, look at how you’re fighting and find out where your weak spot is that is getting attacked and becoming weaker”





“Faith is a dangerous game, for if you don’t have faith in a certain area or a certain circumstance; don’t pretend that you have it. What I want you to do in each situation is to make your stand on faith, not on false faith. Remember, faith knows. Faith knows what the truth is, and it is the foundation of where you should stand. And then, having done all, stand. It’s as simple as that.” Galatians 6:13,14.

 Tried in the Fire

“Faith is the indestructible steel of the spirit world. Nothing can quench it, break it, or move it. But to become that strong, to actually have your faith grow into that indestructible substance, it has to be tried in the fire, just like steel, then put in the water, then put in the fire again, hammered, shaped into the type of faith you want‚ put in the water again, and back in the fire.”

 Faith is Knowing

“The Lord often allow a space for endurance to show itself. For if your roots are planted deep enough and if the stance is strong enough, no affliction, no persecution, no buffeting, no spiritual attacks, no words, no winds, no rains, no bad news, nothing is able to move it! If in a particular situation you have real faith, faith is knowing, and nothing will be able to uproot that knowledge.”


“Faith requires a period of unquestioning perseverance, unswerving trust, before it sees the results, and this period is called endurance. Many of the martyrs refused deliverance that they might obtain a better resurrection, they chose to endure the fire and the persecution so that their rewards would be greater.” Hebrews 11:2.

Job 13:15

“I’m not saying it’s easy. I’m saying if you have real faith you simply have to make your stand on it, come hell or high water. Remember Job’s stance: Though He slay me, yet will I not give up my stand of faith. I will still believe! Do you have that kind of faith? If you do, then you will reap the rewards as Job did. His faith stood the test and came out better than gold.”

How to Endure. . .How to Endure. . .How to Endure. . .How to Endure