Men or women who wither in the face of that which they think is unattainable never get to see triumph.

“They may see it one day, through another who fought that battle they chose to pass up. But when one lets Me use them, and they see the victory before their own eyes, yet more strength is given to them. Faith in Me to see them through all impossibilities builds the muscles of the men and women of faith, and they will go on to see yet greater impossibilities conquered. Courage is a result of faith that one can do it, or is at least willing to try. And when it’s done, the faith grows yet more—and thus the willingness to conquer, in faith‚ greater foes. Such are My men and women of faith—going forth, with Me beside them‚ conquering and to conquer. 

Ignore the Waves and Look to Me!

Like Peter upon the water. I didn’t ask him to manifest supernatural faith or ability in walking on the water.

I simply asked him to ignore the water and to think on Me; to believe that he could come to Me‚ no matter what stood between us.  And for a brief instant, in a moment of belief and faith, he walked. But then when he turned his eyes back on his natural surroundings, when he began to consider what he was actually doing, when he saw the waves, he wavered, doubted, and the spell was broken—he was back to his carnal self. ” Jesus

                             The Devil governs the natural mind of man, the carnal conceptions.

“That’s what rising above is all about—about learning to follow God blindly on faith alone, even when circumstances and everything around you seems to be going contrary to what He’s telling you.  

For now‚ the Enemy is master of this physical world and its kingdoms, for they have been given over unto him. He also rules and governs the natural mind of man, the carnal conceptions. This is why the carnal mind is not just a little nuisance and minor inconvenience to God, but is at enmity with God. Through rising above, I’m helping you to focus your sights, your plans, your desires, your hunger, your love, your dreams, visions, and aspirations on God’s Kingdom—the Kingdom that is not of this world, the Kingdom of the unseen‚ of the eternal.”

The kinds of things that hinder you from rising above are the things that make you hunger after this world, or look at life from a carnal point of view. They are the things that put you in man’s realm of impossibilities, instead of My realm of no impossibilities. These things can be different for every person, and what affects one a great deal might not affect another at all.

It all depends on how much of My Spirit you’re taking in to counter the effects of the world’s input that is all around you.

 If you don’t take time in the Word, listening to Me in prophecy, pouring out your soul in supplication for the needs of others in prayer, praising Me for the good I bring into your life, thanking Me for My spirits who are constantly watching over you and ministering to you, and loving Me with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind, then you will not be able to rise above. You can’t have one without the other, so the things that keep you from rising above are any things or activities that keep you from spending that much–needed time with Me and in My Spirit. (Jesus speaking: )

Rising Above   Rising Above   Rising Above   Rising Above   Rising Above   Rising Above   Rising Above



Impossible is more than a word; it’s a state of mind‚ an attitude.

“If you’re weak in faith it’s because you’re weak in the Word!”

“Where is the first place we look to find the Will of God?–The WORD!”

his Word is the known, sure,
absolute, revealed Will of God!







“Impossible is more than a word; it’s a state of mind‚ an attitude. If you don’t nip it in the bud, but instead you feed and cultivate it, it will become an integral part of you, until there is no remedy. Its hold can be seductive‚ for when you yield to it, then no action or effort is required; no overcoming is necessary, for “it’s impossible.” This attitude leads not to victory but to defeat. Those who let it take hold will soon find that if they can be defeated in one area‚ they will be defeated in another, and yet another, and another‚ and another.”

“Impossible is a vicious cycle. It’s the modus operandi for the loser.It thrives in the hearts of those who are heedless of its dangers; it breaks down noble aspirations, shoots down high goals, and shatters dreams. Impossible is a thief in the night, robbing you of courage, zapping you of bravery, while all the while it stands mocking, cackling in laughter when you falter and give way to its erroneous ways. Impossible, in short, renders one useless, as it leaves its prey a laughingstock in the eyes of the impish pests that spread its woes.” Nothing is Impossible

how to overcome impossible 

“Did you know that you can read the Word, but hardly get anything out of it? People can sometimes read passages over & over & it just doesn’t sink in. The Bible says, “The NATURAL man receiveth NOT the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto him, neither can he know them, because they are SPIRITUALLY discerned.”–1Corinthians.2:14. Unless we read the Word in a PRAYERFUL & RECEPTIVE attitude, looking to the Lord & His Holy Spirit for guidance, it can be very difficult for us to understand some things.” The Word The Word The Word


how to have faith

“If you don’t consistently feed your faith, you’ll soon drop out of the running—and that by your own doing, because of your own neglect. You must live in the Word, both by taking time to read the written Word and also by asking Me everything, listening to My living voice of prophecy, and waiting for My approval in all you do.” Jesus



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“There is no freedom for those who endorse the impossible.”

Evolution has taken its seat in your psyche




The Word, The Word, The Word




“God”s NOT silent He didn’t shut up when the Bible was finished 2,000 years ago! He’s a
LIVING God, a TALKING God, & He STILL speaks & has been speaking ever since then!”

whose fool are you?

Do you truly comprehend the world you live in?  If you don’t read the Bible, then you don’t; it’s that simple.  If you don’t comprehend what you are reading in the Bible, then you don’t appreciate the precarious position you are in. The carefully laid traps that Satan has set for the unsuspecting, i.e. the cares of this life will devastate your usefulness when war is at your doorstep. War is inevitable, no one passes through this life with a get-out-of-jail-free pass.

The word rudiment (very imperfectly developed or represented only by a vestige, involving or limited to basic principles) is a state of “being” Satan wishes to keep all his subjects in.  Paul, in 2 Corinthians 3: 18, tells us that we see through a glass; a darkened image of the glory that surrounds us.  Satan uses this “veil” that separates us from the unseen world of the spiritual. Either through complete ignorance of it or by “darkening our understanding of it, he manipulates the situation to his utmost advantage. The FIRST AND FOREMOST way to break through that veil and expose the lies and deceits of Satan is by reading the Word of God.

“The Bible is the most wonderful, supernatural, miraculous, amazing, marvelous book in the whole World!–It tells you where we CAME from, how we GOT here, WHY we’re here, how to SURVIVE while here, how to be HAPPY while here, & how to love & have happiness, joy & peace FOREVER!” (See: The Word, The Word, The Word)

Let me put it another way. Our notion of the world according to man begins at birth, parental input being the primary medium, and of course what your carnal mind creates through the five senses. Without some other source of feedback, namely the Word of God, the chances of you perceiving anything outside that sensory world you live in is out of the question.

keep your eyes on the text please

Let’s see what the world according to man looks like. Off to school you go, and once there, more especially in this modern age, the child is faced with a deliberately implanted void; a total lack of opposition. The Bible has gone from schools. Prayer has disappeared, and the child is required to swallow a “man-made” capsule created by other like-minded individuals. This dear student is told how our world is to be perceived, what makes it tick, what it is made of and even where it came from. Presto! The illusion is well set by junior high. Evolution has taken its seat in your Evolution has taken its seat in your psyche as you gaze in wonder at the enormous mammals that step out the pages of your “truth” book, Oops, did I say truth? Oh sorry I meant to say text book. Don’t forget to follow the text; please students keep your eyes and most of all, your minds on the text!

The “old fashion Bible” has been relegated to history as “enlightened man” wanders into the future; blindly following himself and his own wisdom.  Except, we aren’t enlightened; we are degenerating.Please take a look outside!


“Where is the first place we look to find the Will of God?–The WORD! His Word is the known, sure, absolute, revealed Will of God! So even if you never receive a revelation, you never hear a voice, you never receive a prophecy, you never have the gift of knowledge or the gift of wisdom, you never have discernment, you never have healing, you never have miracles or any other gifts of the Spirit (1Cor.12:8-10), if you’ll just heed & follow His WORD, you’ll accomplish a whole LOT for the Lord!”

That “Ole” Bible there has been relegated to history as “enlightened man” wanders into the future, blindly following himself and his own wisdom.  Except we aren’t enlightened, we are degenerating, and will soon become history ourselves; please take a look outside and you’ll see the world according to man!

Without the Bible the world according to man rules!  If this what you want then, see you in hell, cause that’s where we are heading. 

Only those who        walk by faith alone        will be able to    continue on in            the days of action          Jesus

God gives the        hardest battles          to his bravest      soldiers


Impossible is a        vicious cycle.                It’s the modus      operandi for                the loser

Impossible you say? it was created by the father of lies

Impossible you say? it was created by the father of lies

“I will tell you what impossible is. Impossible is the creed of fools. It’s the invention of Satan—tailor-made for those who would believe his lies rather than standing on the power of My Word. It’s the religion of those who cannot or will not put Me to the test.” Jesus

“Impossible opposes the truth of God. It comes from the depths of Hell. Impossible has no place in Heaven; its reasoning does not exist in the Heavenly realm.” jesus

“Impossible is for quitters. Impossible pollutes minds, breaks hearts‚ and destroys bodies. Impossible creates ill health; it promotes sickness and causes disease to fester. Impossible is the way of cowards, the excuse of the defeated. “It can’t be done‚” “no way,” “it’s impossible”—this is the faith of the living dead, the philosophy of fools, the chant of the simpleton, the motto of the moron. The logic of “it’s impossible” is deadly, for it leads to darkness and ends in death and destruction.” Jesus

The father of impossible

“Long, long ago, Lucifer stood at the right hand of God. He bore the light. He was not the light, but he held the light on high for all the inhabitants of the universe to see. He was the standard bearer, the mightiest of all archangels, and he exercised some of the power of Almighty God Himself in helping to rule the universe. Then pride took its grip. Though he held such a high and honored position, Lucifer was no longer satisfied with bearing the light of God—he wanted to be God Himself.” Jesus……………...the story continues tomorrow

“Impossible the imposter—created by the father of lies. Its purpose is to imprison. Impossible is an insult to your intelligence, a threat to your knowledge, a menace to your soul. Impossible opposes all that is truth and sound and right. Wrapped up in this single word “impossible,” such a seemingly innocent and natural conclusion, lies a deadly poison. Impossible is the scourge of mankind; it enslaves and traps and binds. There is no freedom for those who endorse the impossible. There is no power, no light, no life, no liberty. Impossible is a downward spiral—once you are trapped in its grip‚ you go down, down‚ down.” Jesus

Impossible the Imposter is the enemy of God and man, get rid of it, its leprosy.