Jeremiah 33:3


You have to close your carnal mind and open your spiritual one to make the most of your prayers

You become masters in prayer by putting forth the effort to put on God’s mind.






Heavenly Communication  is like a switch board in the old telephone system






the art of prayer warfare

“Through prayer you are targeting the attacks of the Enemy, and that is why it’s so important to aim right. You have to close your carnal mind and open your spiritual one to make the most of your prayers. In the physical you don’t always see the target—the demon or sudden attack of the Enemy. But when you know of a problem and you lift that bow and point your arrow in the right direction‚ your spiritual vision is increased. You shut your one eye, like shutting out the things that would distract you from fully focusing on your prayers and hitting the target. And when you have it right‚ you release the arrow, and it hits its target.”Art of War part 4

That spiritual archer

“You on Earth are called prayer warriors when you wield the weapon of prayer. We in Heaven are called miracle warriors, miracle deliverers when we help answer your prayers. You pray the prayers, and thus you wield the weapon of prayer. We, the ones who help to bring your request to pass at the behest of our Lord and King, are your miracle workers. We work to bring to pass the will of God through your prayers, through your desperation, and through your importunity and faithfulness in prayer.” Action Through Prayer

In order to be most effective in prayer, you can’t be thinking about how tired you are or how uninspired you may feel. You have to set all feelings and possible difficulties aside and focus on the battle of prayer that you must fight and win. You must be willing to give it all you’ve got, whether you’re praying for five minutes, for half an hour‚ or even if it’s for a couple of seconds. You have to be completely “there” in the spirit, completely focused on your hand-to-hand combat with the Devil and his minions. Art of War 4


“When God makes the call and He plugs it into your mind, then you think about that person. But then you have to plug it in and send it on its way to that person. And of course, also, on the other end of the line‚ when the phone rings, they have to pick it up and they have to listen and receive the call.”

Just like a telephone call

You’re almost like the exchange. And God sends the main call from His Spirit to your mind. And then you have to make the connection to send it on to the party that needs to receive it. But if you just think about them and you just cut it off, it’s just like you’re turning the phone off on God!

It’s like when He’s trying to make a phone call and He gives you the number and you put it through. He tells the operator—you’re the operator. God is the one that’s calling, and He tries to put it through youbecause He wants to show you what love really is.

Heavenly Communication. . .Heavenly Communication. . .Jeremiah 33:3

“At last!” she said. “At last!” he echoed solemnly, bowing his head. That was a: scene of great dramatic power, and no doubt of great joy, and is but a mere suggestion of what will actually take place in Heaven when the Christian who has been walking through this world of trial and sorrow, shall see Him face to face. Streams March 27


Jeremiah 33: 3 God’s Telephone Number



A pillar in the principle of hearing from god and following him day by day is that you must frequently come back to ask and make sure that what you are doing is exactly what I want you to do. This is a principle of the Spirit.

This is what prayer is all about. It is not merely some kind of religious ritual, but a living


Heavenly communication


Every great man of God, from Moses to Jesus, had to retreat alone to his mountain for a while in order to have time to meditate, pray, and commune with God.


why are you standing still?

You’ve gotta move forward with the Spirit of God. You’ve gotta move forward listening to His voice and following His plan, because He’s the One Who knows where He’s going. He’s the One Who knows what needs to be done. So as you follow along faithfully‚ as you listen, as you cry out to Him, as you do what He says to do, you will be accomplishing His will and you will be swept along in His wake and you’ll move faster and faster toward the goal that He has for you—the goal of His will‚ of reaching the world, of preparing all things so that He can return one day to rescue you all and rapture you into His arms!

With many people, prayer is a one-way conversation, and they do all the talking. They pray, ―Hear, Lord, Thy servant speaketh,‖ instead of like Samuel, the child prophet, who at
five years of age said, ―Speak, Lord, Thy servant heareth.

A Dedicated Spiritual Link

Prayer is not just getting down on your knees and speaking your piece, but letting God speak His, too. This is why each of us is supposed to know the Lord personally and be filled with the Holy Spirit and therefore be led by the Spirit individually, so that we can personally seek the Lord and find the answers for ourselves that we need for our own individual cases.
Each of us needs to learn to follow God and to hear from Him fresh every day. You can’t just get inspired once and let that do for the rest of your life. We all need to hear from God.
It doesn’t have to be out loud; it doesn’t have to be with an audible voice. It can just be in that ―still small voice‖10 that you feel inside of you—sometimes not even words, just an impression that you have. God doesn’t have to communicate in words; He can just give you a feeling or a picture or an idea.
His Spirit is like a broadcasting station, broadcasting all the time; you just have to learn how to tune in. If you’ve got an open channel and tune in, the Lord will fill you—your mind, your heart, your ears, your eyes. Jesus can speak anytime, anywhere, if you believe. And that thing you see or hear with the eyes or ears of your spirit will come from the Lord—and it will be such a comfort to you. Heavenly Communication.


Prayer is like breathing—just breathing the Holy Spirit all the time, being in constant communication with the Lord.

Your Heavenly telephone

He says, ―Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not to thine own
understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths. This is one of the most wonderful verses in the Bible to hang on to, especially when making decisions. We don’t have to know all the answers, we don’t have to lean on our own ideas or wisdom; we just have to lean on the Lord and His leadings. Whatever you have to do, pray about it. The Lord is always right there with you. He says, I’ll never leave thee nor forsake thee. He’s always there. So it’s never God who’s not there; it’s us who are sometimes not always there, when we run off someplace else and leave Him behind when we forget to pray.
He’s promised that if you acknowledge Him, He will direct your paths. He says, You shall hear a voice behind you, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it.  So ask the Lord about everything before you do it. Make sure it’s what He wants you to do.

Heavenly Communication. . .Heavenly Communication. . .Heavenly Communication. . .Listen to the whispers



“Desperation in prayer is the second most important factor in what makes a prayer powerful. The number one factor is faith—the belief that Jesus can and will do it.”

“take up your cross” and bear it bravely and just do it because I say so (Luke 9:23; 2 Timothy .2:3)



Call on the Key of Heavenly Communication to unlock a store  house of heavenly advice.

ask me everything

“Lord, teach us to pray” (Luke 11:1)

“To cry out to the Lord in prayer is something that should come naturally to every truly
born-again child of God. God expects each of His children, those who really know Him, to
touch Him personally and make direct contact with Him, not just through somebody else’s
prayers or faith. Therefore each of us must learn to individually make personal, intimate
contact with the Lord through prayer, the heavenly link, the divine telephone between us
and heaven.

The Lord loves to give us answers to our problems and questions and troubles, and He
wants us to ask Him for His guidance. He says, ―Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye
shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For everyone that asketh receiveth; and
he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

He even goes on to say, ―For what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he
give him a stone? Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent? If ye then, being evil, know
how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in
heaven give good things to them that ask Him?
So don’t ever think you have to try to figure out all your problems and decisions yourself.
Get down in prayer and get God’s answers. He says, ―Call unto Me, and I will answer thee,
and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not. Heavenly Communication

prayer is active service

“Prayer is just one of those things that doesn’t come naturally for man, and although Jesus makes it easier for us to pray, He can only make it so easy, and then it falls to us to “take up our cross” and bear it bravely and just do it because He says so.” (Luke 9:23; 2 Tim.2:3).

“As a soldier, there are many things that you may be asked to do that are part of the duties of being a soldier.You may be asked to do guard duty that keeps you up all night. Something like that isn’t “fun” or something you jump at the chance to do naturally. Such things are, however, a part of the life of a soldier and must be done in order to fulfill your duty and live the life you have chosen.Prayer is one of those things. It requires a lot of work, but it returns great dividends.”

when we come to our limit

“The reason the Lord requires us to ask in prayer and strive in prayer is because we need to take an active part in the prayer process, the Lord has forbidden Himself to do it all for us. The way the rules of this Earth are set up, almost everything that you can do for yourself, you must do for yourself, and Jesus is not going to step in for you and do miraculously what you could do physically. Yes, you need to depend on His power, but that is after you have met and satisfied the conditions and circumstances that you are physically able to take care of. You have to come to the limit of what you can do, and you have to put the rest in My hands, before I can take over.” Art of War Pt. 4

Heavenly Communication is a two-way street. You talking to Jesus, and you listening for the answer. If you are an open, receptive and a full-of-faith vessel, He will give you the answers to your problems.











“The only thing that limits My pouring out is your ability to receive.”
























how to prepare 

It should be evident to My sincere children that the signs of the times you now see being fulfilled in this generation, point to the the door marked “the last days”. To ask yourselves the question, are we living in the time of the end, can only mean you are living in denial. My loves, you are at the door, you are at the entering in of the final years. Fear not,  for in My love I have sent My prophets of warning and I will continue to send them right up to the end of days. For I also will make My stand, I also will have My mouthpiece, My end time called out ecclesia. For you who will experience living in the last days, I will be there with you.   Jesus speaking


“These dreams, visions, and prophecies you will receive are not to be taken lightly, as if they were a figment of your imagination.When you feel you are receiving instruction from Me from a means other than the printed word which I have given‚ you should pray desperately and ask Me for confirmations‚ as well as seek the counsel of others and further signs from the other ways to know My will. Be sensitive to My Spirit, knowing that your instructions may come in the most unexpected ways.” Jesus speaking

  Seven ways to know God’s will

“In My life on Earth My faith was tested, and I had to prove it by putting it into action, exercising it, acting on it. You have faith that I speak to you. Now prove it. Test it by acting on it, even if it seems impossible. For now you have the power. I’ve given it to you to be able to do your job. So go for it! Do it! Expect miracles!” Jesus speaking


                               act on it, even if it seems impossible


“There have been false prophets that have been saying, “Peace and safety; for where is the sign of His coming?” I say now that you will both see and believe that it is the Time of the End, you are living in the last days, and that My coming is imminent. There will be no more room for doubt for My children, because the signs will be painted clearly and the sides will be clearly defined. Each one will have to choose which side they will be on for this last great battle. The main battle will be for the souls of those who are in the middle, those who have not yet decided those who are lost and trapped in the bondage of the World.” Jesus speaking


“You will do great signs and ­wonders—but for what purpose? Only to destroy the forces of Satan? No, for if that were the only reason, then I would remove you, My beloved brides, from this Earth at once and rain down fire upon the Evil One and his forces and end his reign once and for all. I’m allowing this Endtime showdown so that each one will have a chance to decide whom they will follow‚ and thus divide the wheat from the tares. It is for this reason, to be a witness, that I will empower you with all the power of Heaven.” Jesus speaking


we are living in the last days






And when thou art come in, thou shalt shut the door upon thee and upon thy sons, and shalt pour out into all those vessels, and thou shalt set aside that which is full — 2 kings 4:4.


Faith is away from human props

They were to be alone with God, for they were not dealing with the laws of nature, nor human government, nor the church, nor the priesthood, nor even with the great prophet of god, but they must needs be isolated from all creatures, from all leaning circumstances, from all props of human reason, and swung off, as it were into the vast blue inter-stellar space, hanging on god alone, in touch with the fountain of miracles. — Streams in the desert.


is listening to the still small voice

How do you have faith? By hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17) And how do you hear the Word of God? By listening to the “still small voice of God” (1 Kings 19:12). That voice that speaks to your heart when you are reading the Word or when you are praying.  It is said that our conscience is the voice of God. If so, then when we choose to ignore what our conscience is telling us then are we not hardening our hearts against the voice of God? 


obedience first

Practice listening to the still small voice of God then practice obedience to that voice. In so doing you are in effect building your relationship with the Lord. The blessing comes when you obey, not before. When you follow the voice of God then you will have faith that what you are doing is of God.