The Word

The Keys



All great battles are fought by My soldiers on their knees in prayer. 



“If God’s Word does not satisfy you, then something is wrong with your spiritual appetite.”



“If you’re weak in faith it’s because you’re weak in the Word!”



he must bow his ugly head

“Lethargy is a strange and ominous creature. It seeks to creep into your midst unawares, often little by little, building up slowly and over a period of time. He may be powerful and he may have caught many christians in his snare‚ but all the same rules still apply to that demon! He must bow his ugly head, as all the others must, at My Name and at your binding spells in the power of the keys.”

“They that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever!” (Dan.12:3). Those that are wise will shine so brightly in the dark days ahead! But remember that many are called but few are chosen, because so few choose to follow. Many will lament, “If I only had! If I only had been wise! If I only had followed more closely. If I only had obeyed.” Don’t let those be your words!  They won’t be as you diligently and faithfully obey and as you keep your priorities straight.”

 the power of prayer

 “All great battles are fought by My soldiers on their knees in prayer. The power of prayer is mightier than the clashing of swords! But it is an unknown war, only between you and a few others and My Father in Heaven. This stirring of yourself and of your time will help you defeat the spirit of lethargy..” 

The secret of success is the Word

“If you’re weak in faith it’s because you’re weak in the Word! And it’s your own fault if you’re weak in the Word, because you’re either not reading the Word, you’re ignorant of the Word, or you’re not receiving the Word! ” What is Jesus worth to you

“The foundation of any Christian should be the Word. If you don’t hold on to the Word for dear life, you’re going to find yourself slipping into the oblivion of little or no usefulness to the Lord. He wants to use you, but He can only do so if you keep your mind stayed on Him and His Word.”

“The secret of success is the Word, nothing can stand against My Word! Nothing can stand against the keys to the Kingdom!Love is the greatest force; My Word is the greatest force; the power of the keys to the Kingdom is the greatest force in the world, in the heavens, in the universe!”

“If you are to focus on the power of the keys, if you are to allow the words I speak to you to dictate your life, you must rid yourselves of all that stands in the way of this.Detach yourselves from other things that clutter your life—the cares of the world, the pride of life, anything that opposes My Word.”

“Just as Satan attacks the citizens of the world on their quality of life, trying to destroy their physical bodies through anxiety, depression, mental and social problems, through a multitude of physical ailments and maladies, so his drive against you, My brides‚ is to launch even greater attacks on the quality of your spiritual lives—your time with Me, your time in the Word, your time in meditation and prayer.”

“This quote: The secret of success is the Word, is actually not really a secret because that advice can be found throughout the Bible, in John chapter 15 for example. King David loved My Word, that was why he was such a successful king. Examples and advice are everywhere in your Bible.


“As My Father’s Word to Me had to dictate My every action‚ so My Word to you must dictate all your actions.”

“It is the last step that wins; and there is no place in the pilgrim’s progress where so many dangers lurk as the region that lies hard by the portals of the Celestial City. It was there that Doubting Castle stood. It was there that the enchanted ground lured the tired traveler to fatal slumber. It is when Heaven’s heights are full in view that hell’s gate is most persistent and full of deadly peril. “Let us not be weary in well doing, for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” “So run, that ye may obtain.” STREAMS MARCH 5







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