closer to the heavenly realm

(Prophecy:) Have I not said that the just shall live by faith? My children throughout all ages have had to live by faith, to follow Me by faith. When I called them to go out and leave lands, they had to go by faith.  They asked, “Why?  Why should we leave?”  But they obeyed and they followed by faith.  For this is pleasing to Me.–Faith and obedience.  Did I not say that there are many things that I have to reveal unto you but you cannot bear them yet?  There are still many things, as I bring you closer to the Heavenly realm and to the Heavenly Kingdom.

faith pleases me

 “For who can understand faith? Who can explain faith?  And this is what is pleasing to Me, faith in Me.  You believe in Me by faith.  You have everlasting life by faith.  There is a Heavenly Kingdom by faith.  There is a crown for you by faith.  And blessed are those eyes that see by faith and that require not a sign.”

what to give a king who has everything

“I need your love and your loving. For though I am King of all the universe, of all things, and even beyond, I cannot have your love unless you give it to Me, for I have made it this way. For I am as a King Who has multitudes at My beck and call. To one I can say, “Do this,” and it is done; and to another, “Do that,” and it is done.–For I am the Maker of all things, the Creator of all things, the God of all things. But in this I have limited Myself, for I do not make My children love Me; they have choice. I have the desire that they would love Me, and I long for it, that they would love Me. Thus I find great pleasure in those that love Me, for it fills My need to be loved by My children.”


a desire to be closer

“For I knew these things would be hard, but I also knew I could reveal them to My children, the children of David. I share these things out of love and the desire for a closer relationship with you.–Not to push you away or to distance you, but so that we can be even closer and more intimate and share all things.”

kisses and praise for our king

(Prophecy:) Oh My children, so do I love your love for Me, and so do I pour forth My Love upon you. For you bring unto Me great pleasure when you stop and take time to love Me, to kiss Me, to caress Me, to praise Me, when you call unto Me, when I hear the words of love that you speak unto Me, and when we love together; for it is as the pleasure of when two become one. As it brings you great pleasure to be one with another, so it brings Me pleasure to be one with you.

hungry for true love

“Oh, the great joy that they shall have for loving Me! Oh, the great blessings and rewards that they shall have for loving Me! I wish all My children to love this way, but they will not. But the children of David shall love this way, for they are willing to humble themselves. They are already lowly, they are meek and humble in heart; they are not rich and increased with goods. They already show Me great, great love in their obedience, in their hunger for Me, in their hunger for My Word, and in their yieldedness to do that which I have said in My Word. So I greatly honor them and greatly love them, and I know they greatly love Me, so I pour forth My new Love upon them.”

the reward of faith

“Many of My disciples turned away and followed Me no more, because they did not see with the eyes of the Spirit, but tried to understand it in the flesh.  But I am preparing My children for the future, for living in the realm of the Spirit. I am giving them tests now, in preparation for the grades they will need to graduate from in the future.  And you cannot skip grades or jump grades; you must pass one grade at a time.”

real faith

“I knew it would be hard.  I have asked you to praise Me, and even that is hard sometimes.  Is it easy for you to go unto the hard fields and sow the seed?  No, it is difficult; but you do it out of love for Me and obedience.  Because of the hindrances of the flesh, the things of the Spirit are sometimes difficult to understand.  That is why you must have faith and drink in and swallow and receive, little by little, drop by drop, step by step, and follow Me by faith.”

This is my call

“So prepare yourself, the Bridegroom cometh! Trim your lamps, yea, trim your lamps and be ready and waiting! This is My call to all the young virgins: Come, come, come! Come unto Me. I will bestow much, much love upon you for your humility, for your willingness and your yieldedness, for your faith and for your love, for I know that you truly love Me, and I am well pleased in you.

Loving Jesus Intimately    Loving Jesus Intimately   Loving Jesus Intimately   Loving Jesus Intimately   Loving Jesus Intimately   Loving Jesus Intimately   Loving Jesus Intimately   

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