bridegroom power

(Jesus speaking:) As a man and his wife are partners in marriage and the wife gains access to what the husband possesses, so it is with you and Me. I give you My power, My anointing, My Spirit in greater measure than ever before for the days which lie ahead. As I did when I was in this world, so will you do in the days which are upon you now, and are even at the door. As I healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, made the crippled to walk and raised the dead, so will you. I grant you this same power, that you might do greater works in the days to come than I did.

to overcome evil

.”I grant you these gifts because the time is short and the days are evil. A flood of iniquity is about to be unleashed upon the Earth, and where iniquity does abound and darkness does spread, My grace does much more abound and My light is shed abroad even brighter! So I give you these gifts that you may shine more brightly than ever, that I may be lifted up and that all men may know of Me and My power to save, to heal, to protect, and to grant eternal life”!

closer the better

” To be truly one‚ there can be nothing between us-no other desires, no other thoughts, no hint of the cares of this life. Learning to do this comes gradually, but this must be our goal. We must become so one in spirit that we know each other as we know our own heart. The closer you draw to Me, the greater the power that is transmitted.”


Intimate link

“This offensive weapon of intimately loving Me could be described as your power source. Through loving Me intimately, you channel whatever power is needed into all the other weapons of the spirit that you have chosen to be a part of your personal spiritual arsenal. Without your intimate link with Me, you are lacking a very important source of power. It would be like trying to charge up a super laser using AAA batteries.”

kisses and praise for our king

(Prophecy:) Oh My children, so do I love your love for Me, and so do I pour forth My Love upon you. For you bring unto Me great pleasure when you stop and take time to love Me, to kiss Me, to caress Me, to praise Me, when you call unto Me, when I hear the words of love that you speak unto Me, and when we love together; for it is as the pleasure of when two become one. As it brings you great pleasure to be one with another, so it brings Me pleasure to be one with you.

hungry for true love

“Oh, the great joy that they shall have for loving Me! Oh, the great blessings and rewards that they shall have for loving Me! I wish all My children to love this way, but they will not. But the children of David shall love this way, for they are willing to humble themselves. They are already lowly, they are meek and humble in heart; they are not rich and increased with goods. They already show Me great, great love in their obedience, in their hunger for Me, in their hunger for My Word, and in their yieldedness to do that which I have said in My Word. So I greatly honor them and greatly love them, and I know they greatly love Me, so I pour forth My new Love upon them.”

the reward of faith

“Many of My disciples turned away and followed Me no more, because they did not see with the eyes of the Spirit, but tried to understand it in the flesh.  But I am preparing My children for the future, for living in the realm of the Spirit. I am giving them tests now, in preparation for the grades they will need to graduate from in the future.  And you cannot skip grades or jump grades; you must pass one grade at a time.”





 Loving Jesus Intimately   Loving Jesus Intimately   Loving Jesus Intimately   Loving Jesus Intimately   Loving Jesus Intimately 

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did Jesus marry?

“Yes! I am married to those who believe in Me and receive Me into their hearts and lives! As far as being married on Earth, no, I wasn’t in the way you consider it, and I didn’t have any physical children. Yet, I do have a wife to whom I am devoted. You who receive Me are the bride of Christ; you are married to Me in spirit. The apostle Paul wrote: “You should be married to another–to Him who was raised from the dead, that we should bear fruit to God” (Romans 7:4). I love you as a faithful husband loves his wife. I will be there for you always, I vow–for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, and even death will not part us.”

i love you Jesus

“Oh what tenderness I feel, what acceptance, what joy, when you call unto Me and when you say to Me, “I love You, I want You, I desire You, come in unto me!” For there are so few, so very, very few who feel this way about Me. Yet I would that all My children would feel this way, and would call unto Me in this way”.

the king who has everything

“As they yield to My request for their love, so will I yield to their requests, and so will I answer their prayers, their needs and their desires in an even greater way. For now I test and I purge, and there be many that struggle; but in that day, they shall know that it has been worth the fight, and I will bless them in great abundance for their love for Me, the King Who has everything, but Who seeks to be loved!” (End of prophecy.)


to be mightily used

“Jesus is waiting with outstretched arms to receive your love and bless you in return as never before!  He says, “If you wish to be stronger and stronger and stronger spiritually, you must come unto Me and let Me overflow you, overwhelm you, inspire you, lift you to the Heavenlies, to heights you have never known before! And I will use you even more mightily than you have ever been used!”

learn to love Jesus intimately

“And as My children learn to love Me, to draw upon My strength, to put Me first, to call unto Me and to desire Me, so shall I pour forth unto them in great abundance all that they need, for I shall care for them as a king cares for his bride, his queen. I will pour forth great love and great anointing and great provision and great protection, for you shall need all of these things. And you shall know that you are the delight of your King and your Savior and your Lover and your Strength. And for this delight that you bestow upon Me, so shall I delight to give you all the desires of your heart, all the power that you need and all the strength that you seek.”

power for the last days

“I will set you free. I will set your spirits free. Your hearts will no longer be earthbound, but will sail into My arms on the wings of prayer. There you can unburden every care that has come to burden your heart. Every trial, every battle that you’ve faced, you can unburden to Me and place within My hands, and let Me kiss your heart and cleanse it and purify it and send it once more back into the fray.”

Loving Jesus Intimately   Loving Jesus Intimately   Loving Jesus Intimately   Loving Jesus Intimately   Loving Jesus Intimately

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the old church new church

The preachers say, “Go to church on Sunday and don’t forget to bring your money!” Jesus said, “Go out into the highways and the byways and compel them to come in!” And he wasn’t talking about a building; he was talking about into the kingdom of God, into the love of God! Luke 14:23. The average church preacher says today‚ “Be sure you feed me‚” Jesus said, “Feed my sheep!” John 21:16.  The average church today says, “Let’s build a great building!” Jesus said, “Go out and make disciples of all nations.” Matthew 28:19 the average church says today, “Let’s organize a big denomination!” Jesus said, “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20. The average church today says, “Be good, go to church and you’re a Christian!” Jesus said, “He that keeps my commandments, he it is that loves me.” And they said, “What are the greatest commandments?” he said, “to love God, and love thy neighbor as thyself.” wow!—nothing about going to church! The greatest commandment of the church today is, “don’t miss church on Sunday!”  Jesus said, “Don’t miss the will of God! Go out after the lost. Don’t wait for them to come to you.”

There are a number of important issues that Jesus and the modern church don’t see eye to eye on.

There is also no mention of a church BUILDING throughout the entire New Testament. Jesus never once taught that His followers were to meet in a specific BUILDING or the “house of God”, as they’re wrongly called today. In fact, He taught just the OPPOSITE! When He was asked WHERE people should go to WORSHIP, He answered, “Believe Me, the time is coming, and now IS, when you will worship the Father neither (at the temple) on this mountain, nor (at the temple) in Jerusalem! For the TRUE WORSHIPPERS will worship the Father in SPIRIT and in TRUTH! For the Father SEEKS such people to worship Him!”–John 4:23,24

We are told in Hebrews 1O:25, “Let us NOT FORSAKE the ASSEMBLING of ourselves TOGETHER, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us ENCOURAGE one another, and all the more as you see the Day (of Jesus’ Return) approaching.” The Lord knew that we needed united fellowship with other Christians for our own inspiration and for spiritual refreshing, and for being strengthened by His Word. There’s just something about UNITED prayer and fellowship that really brings down the Lord’s BLESSING!–See Acts 4:32-33.

It’s important to understand, however, that meeting together for fellowship and spiritual renewing–whether it is done in a church building, a great Cathedral, a private home or a thatched hut–is NOT our “SERVICE” for the Lord. Many people have the mistaken impression that by merely going to CHURCH and giving an offering, they have FULFILLED their obligation to God.

Obviously this is not all, because a Christian’s obligation, as Jesus COMMANDED us, is to “PREACH the GOSPEL to every person”!–Mark 16:15. Our actual WORK and SERVICE for the Lord is in our everyday LIVING for Him, in our WITNESSING to others, showing them love and pointing them towards Salvation. THIS is our service to God!

In Mark 6:7-13, Jesus sent His disciples out to minister to the people. It was a great deal of work, and when they’d FINISHED their SERVICE, Jesus said to them, ‘Come ASIDE into a QUIET place, and REST a while.'” Likewise today, there is a great difference between our SERVICE for the Lord and our “gathering ourselves together unto Jesus”, and “coming aside to REST” to be re-inspired! Verses 3O-31

Another interesting point brought out in this passage is the fact that it isn’t necessary for Christians to have a fancy religious building, cathedral or so-called “house of God” to meet in for fellowship and time with the Lord. For its first 2OO YEARS of existence, Christianity had NO buildings, and Christians just met wherever they could. Jesus said, “WHEREVER two or three are gathered together in My name, THERE am I in their midst!”–Matthew 18:2O.

All throughout New Testament times, the Church thrived and grew and got along fine without any church buildings or “houses of God”! Apart from holding secret meetings in forests, catacombs etc., the only meeting places that Christians had were their HOMES. Repeatedly the Apostle Paul refers to “the CHURCH that is in your HOUSE”.–Romans 16:5; 1Corinthians 16:19; Colossians 4:15; Philemon 2. Note that the house itself was not the Church, but the “Church” MET in their houses!

Mr. Pastor, is filling your heart with the things of this world, cars, building huge buildings, and making business out of religion and 

calling it “prosperity” or “God’s blessing”, the true message of Jesus Christ found in the Gospels? If you want to be a businessman, fine, do it with all your heart, but don’t bring your business to church, or worse, make church your business! Jesus whipped the money changers out of the temple that day.  Don’t you remember reading that in your Bible? Today many of those money—changers have become the pastors and spiritual leaders of our communities. If Jesus was here today, how would He rate your church in this matter? Has that spirit of business entered the true temple of your heart. 2 Corinthians 6: 16. If  the upkeep of your church and salary and car or cars takes most of  your congregations hard-earned  savings, then who is going to pay for their children’s food, clothing and schooling? Is your church only for the rich? 

“Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care, serving as overseers – not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be; not greedy for money, but eager to serve; not lording it over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock”. (1 Peter: 5:2,3)

Make Jesus your first and true Love today by praying the following prayer.

“Dear Jesus, please come into my heart, I believe you died  and were raised from the dead in payment for my sins and mistakes, please give me Your free gift of eternal life in Jesus Name, Amen”.


Read: Matthew 23:1-10

.The Great Deception (Tract) 

The Great Deception   The Great Deception   The Great Deception  The Great Deception

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“Wherefore seeing we are also compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin (of unbelief) which does so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us.” (Hebrews 12:1)


“It’s very real, My children! The spirit beings and helpers are very real. They surround you and wait to minister to your needs and the needs of My children. There are great warriors of the spirit, mighty men and women of the past who surround you and wait to give you the anointing of their wisdom, their insight, and their understanding of their people. So call out for their help and let them minister to you and help you with the abilities I have given them to help you.”





“You say, “But why do we need these spirit helpers when we have You? You’re all-powerful and omnipresent, so why is it so important that we release the help of these spirit helpers?” It is because in the Last Days you will work hand in hand with My spirit helpers. They will work with you and teach you to do great things. They will guide you and help you to learn to fight the battles of the Endtime using the weapons of the Spirit and the ways of My Spirit.”


16 “And he answered, fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them. 17 And Elisha prayed, and said, Lord, I pray Thee, open his (spiritual) eyes, that he may see. And the Lord opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha.” (2 Kings 6:16, 17)


“Just as the physical world has people, the spirit world has spirits. Just as the physical world has good people and bad people, the spirit world has good spirits and bad spirits. The physical world is in part an illustration of the workings of the spirit world. Just as man has a system of organization to run all the details of his personal life, his cities and his countries, so it is an illustration of how the spirit world operates.”





“I choose to work through a system of spirit helpers, spirit beings, and departed saints to run the spirit world and to help Me to help you. I choose to use departed saints who are touched with the feeling of your infirmities to help you. Just as you see in the physical world before you a major system of organization to keep everything running and operating smoothly, so I have a major system of organization to keep everything running smoothly. It is realistic. It is something that even you can understand.”


“Why can’t I do it Myself? Why do you need spirit helpers?–Because I choose to operate this way, and I have created it so. It’s the same as asking, “Why man?” Because God chose it to be so before the foundation of the Earth, and it is His will. It is part of His creation and part of His divine plan.”





 (Jesus:) “Oh, the wonders and marvels of Heaven and the spiritual realm! Wonderful are they, but not past finding out if you ask Me.  There are angels, spirit helpers, beings, and worlds and dimensions beyond number! There is much more to see, and it will take you an eternity to see and explore it all. So marvel not at these few little glimpses that I have given you and be not amazed at the beings which inhabit it, and the kings and queens and many others who have gone on before you to make it their habitation. These are but a minuscule sample of all that is yet to come..”


A Great Cloud of Witnesses   A Great Cloud of Witnesses   A Great Cloud of Witnesses   A Great Cloud of Witnesses

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mysterious keys

(Jesus:) The keys have been in existence, as a part of My heavenly power source, used as an illustration and representation of My divinity‚ since before I came to Earth. When I walked on Earth with My disciples, I told them of this power. I gave this power to them–to Peter, yes, but to all of them as well. They accepted it, and they learned to use it in some measure.

greater access to heaven

“We have been given this amazing power, and it’s through what the Lord calls “the keys.” The keys are one with the Word and with Jesus and with His love, we have to live the lives of disciples in order to use them, and by calling on them we have access to all the power of Heaven. Not only are they all-powerful, but they are also an essential part of bringing about the miracles we need in these Last Days.”

level up for darker days

“I have promised that I will never allow you to undergo what you are not able to bear, and the truth be told, the only way that you will be able to survive and endure and continue to fulfill My mission during the dark days ahead will be through the power of the keys. You need greater power, and a greater understanding of the use of that power, than the Christians of previous eras needed.”

its simply a matter of faith

“It all comes down to faith. If your faith is a little shaky, spend some time strengthening it in the Word. But don’t just throw up your hands or start to doubt or analyze when you come across something that doesn’t fit into your little box of logic. No matter how open-minded you think you are or how big you think your box is, it’s really a teeny little speck in the realm of the universe when compared to all that there is to comprehend and learn–and that you will be enjoyably learning for all eternity! Don’t get stuck now–you’ve only just begun!” (End of message from Jesus.)

bible truth at a deeper level

“The power of the keys is not an entirely new thing. The difference is that in these Last Days I have opened a fuller and deeper understanding of them to you, the children of David. There are many truths within the Bible that were understood on some level at the time they were given, and then later were understood on a deeper level, and which I then revealed to David and his children on a yet deeper level–and when you come to Heaven, you will marvel at the depths you have not yet seen.”

treasures new and old

“That’s one of the marvelous things about My Word and about the Bible–it provides treasures new and old. You can never say that you’ve discovered everything, for even if you have read it all and even understood it all on some level, there are deeper levels to many scriptures, and I choose when and how and to whom to reveal these truths.”

revealing new truth

“There have been others of My children throughout history–powerful apostles, miracle workers, and saints–who have used the keys of the Kingdom to some degree, not really understanding or grasping the power that is available through them. They didn’t fully understand it, for I had not revealed this measure of truth about the keys.”

 The Keys of the Kingdom   The Keys of the Kingdom   The Keys of the Kingdom   The Keys of the Kingdom