Men or women who wither in the face of that which they think is unattainable never get to see triumph.

“They may see it one day, through another who fought that battle they chose to pass up. But when one lets Me use them, and they see the victory before their own eyes, yet more strength is given to them. Faith in Me to see them through all impossibilities builds the muscles of the men and women of faith, and they will go on to see yet greater impossibilities conquered. Courage is a result of faith that one can do it, or is at least willing to try. And when it’s done, the faith grows yet more—and thus the willingness to conquer, in faith‚ greater foes. Such are My men and women of faith—going forth, with Me beside them‚ conquering and to conquer. 

Ignore the Waves and Look to Me!

Like Peter upon the water. I didn’t ask him to manifest supernatural faith or ability in walking on the water.

I simply asked him to ignore the water and to think on Me; to believe that he could come to Me‚ no matter what stood between us.  And for a brief instant, in a moment of belief and faith, he walked. But then when he turned his eyes back on his natural surroundings, when he began to consider what he was actually doing, when he saw the waves, he wavered, doubted, and the spell was broken—he was back to his carnal self. ” Jesus

                             The Devil governs the natural mind of man, the carnal conceptions.

“That’s what rising above is all about—about learning to follow God blindly on faith alone, even when circumstances and everything around you seems to be going contrary to what He’s telling you.  

For now‚ the Enemy is master of this physical world and its kingdoms, for they have been given over unto him. He also rules and governs the natural mind of man, the carnal conceptions. This is why the carnal mind is not just a little nuisance and minor inconvenience to God, but is at enmity with God. Through rising above, I’m helping you to focus your sights, your plans, your desires, your hunger, your love, your dreams, visions, and aspirations on God’s Kingdom—the Kingdom that is not of this world, the Kingdom of the unseen‚ of the eternal.”

The kinds of things that hinder you from rising above are the things that make you hunger after this world, or look at life from a carnal point of view. They are the things that put you in man’s realm of impossibilities, instead of My realm of no impossibilities. These things can be different for every person, and what affects one a great deal might not affect another at all.

It all depends on how much of My Spirit you’re taking in to counter the effects of the world’s input that is all around you.

 If you don’t take time in the Word, listening to Me in prophecy, pouring out your soul in supplication for the needs of others in prayer, praising Me for the good I bring into your life, thanking Me for My spirits who are constantly watching over you and ministering to you, and loving Me with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind, then you will not be able to rise above. You can’t have one without the other, so the things that keep you from rising above are any things or activities that keep you from spending that much–needed time with Me and in My Spirit. (Jesus speaking: )

Rising Above   Rising Above   Rising Above   Rising Above   Rising Above   Rising Above   Rising Above

we are a very selfish spoilt generation. our love for each other and for god has grown cold. how will we learn how to love one another. Matthew 24: 12  


To be the church you have to be like a little Jesus. no greater love hath any man than this than a man lay down his life for his friend. 1 john 3:16 



Only man seeks to capture through mind control . God wants to control your heart. He does this by destroying manipulative man’s mind control methods through His Word.

whose slave are you?

Many of us have seen at some time a young, beautiful, petted, luxurious and selfish girl, growing up surrounded with wealth, affection, admiration, adulation, until she was wholly spoiled, and became the center of the circle in which she lived, her whole being perverted by her selfishness. But we have seen that girl years afterwards, and we would not have known her had we not traced the intermediate steps.
She was now a self-denying, loving wife and mother, her whole being devoted to the happiness of that husband whose fortunes she had followed amid poverty, obscurity and separation from all her former friends; sharing his penury, toiling for his comfort, and
nursing as a faithful and loving mother, the little children who had come into her arms, with the love that never wearied, that felt no task too hard, and no work too menial. What has made all the difference?
What has cast out that idol, self, from its throne? Nothing but love. That man has won her heart. He has come in and taken the place that it had occupied; it is cast out and he reigns. That is the simple story of the death of self in the Christian life. It is the love of Jesus that has excluded it, and never, until we become fascinated with His affection, and won in complete captivity to His love, shall we cease to live unto ourselves. Then, like that girl, we will
follow Him anywhere. We will toil and suffer with Him. We will be content without many things that before we thought we must have, because His smile is our sunshine, His presence is our joy, His love, shed abroad in our hearts, is our heaven, and we cannot speak or think of sacrifice or suffering, our heart is so satisfied with Him.

“God Himself, the Master Builder, built the foundation, but man covered it and buried it in his litter.”

“But the true foundation has been so cluttered up through the centuries by man that he has lost sight of the original foundation, the original plan. Even though he has the Bible and looks at it, he can’t see it. He can’t see it because he’s been mentally conditioned by all the preachers and teachers and false teachers and the wrong way they live, their dandy bad example‚ which is so contrary to the plan of true Christianity, that the plan is lost under a heap of man’s own rubble!” David Berg

“With man—that is‚ with your limited strength and ability—there are impossibilities, but when you fully realize your need for Me and you let Me take full control and work as only I can, then all is possible.”

You must reach the point of letting go of yourself, even though it’s completely contrary to your natural mind. 

Is it religion or is it mind control ?

“My mind works opposite to the world’s mind. You look at the church people trying to be good, you look at the Muslim trying to be good. What you see is a work of the flesh, its self-works. Man’s feeble attempt to please Me through vain and repetitious prayers and dutiful church going, flesh but no spirit, works but no faith. Is this love for Me? No, it is fear of the law and its consequences. Loving Me comes from the heart, not through force or fear. That is why the Pastors and the Imams are able to hold so much sway over their congregations. They use fear to force people into their buildings which they call the very house of God. It is a lie, for I have said your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and My spirit lives within you! You are the church, a living church, My bride. And if you take this concept further and realize that this love should permeate your whole life, then “loving your neighbor as yourself”, will come more naturally to you.”  

And don’t say this is impossible, because impossible is the religion of those who cannot or will not put Me to the test. impossible is mind control