Full access

“In that moment He gave Me the keys to both Heaven and Hell–the keys to unleash the power of Heaven and to leash any power of Hell. He gave Me full access to every power source of Heaven, the code to unlock every solution, the means to bypass all impossibilities. He didn’t just give Me keys to designated sectors or portions, but He gave Me full and unlimited access–all the keys to Heavenly resources.”

key code

“All power was given Me in Heaven and in Earth. I had the power within Me all along, just as you have had, for you were ordained and chosen since the beginning of time. So actually, in a sense, I already possessed the keys, but what happened in that moment, in terms you can understand, is that My Father enhanced My gift of faith and turned on My activation key, enabling Me to access the full power! I was equipped from the beginning, but now I would be able to access all power. All I had to do was My part–to believe and to take action. All I had to do was access the key codes, which I possessed. Much like you do today in accessing information on a computer; you punch in the right code and you’re able to access all you need to know. It was that simple.”

utilize full power

“And now, dear ones, I reveal to you this truth. When I spoke to Peter and to My early disciples, saying, “I will give you the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, and whatever you bind on Earth will be bound in Heaven, and whatever you loose on Earth will be loosed in Heaven,” who do you think I was speaking to at that time? I was speaking specifically to My early disciples at the time, and I was speaking to you, the children of David of the Endtime (Ezekiel 37:24,25). It is given to you to utilize the full power of Heaven, to access the full power, to use the keys of the Kingdom I have put in your hands.”


faith is a muscle

“Christians through the ages have interpreted these words to mean that they too held these keys in their hands, and in part, some have. According to their faith and the need, I have given some access to the keys of the Kingdom, but this has only been in part–for it has been according to the faith they exercised. Up until this time, Christians have not accessed the full power, for their faith was not so exercised as yours is to be in the days to come.”

greater works through the keys

“And know this, the power of these keys I put in your hands has now been augmented since the time My early disciples used them. The key codes have been updated! Never before have My children had access to such power as I am making available to you now–not even Peter and the early disciples, or any of My faithful prophets and great men and women of faith down through the ages. It is given to you, My faithful of the Last Days, to possess new codes that were not necessary in the past because the need did not warrant them. But now it is warranted, for you will do greater works than I. And you will not only do greater works than I did, but you will also do greater works, much greater works, than My early disciples and all My prophets and people of faith throughout history. Now the power of Heaven is increased, so your power is increased!”

power for the last days

“I’m giving you access to greater power. All power is given you, and all the power of Heaven is augmented in these Last Days! The power has been there all along, within you, but now, today, you can access it–according to your faith it is done.
The evil forces are also amplified. They surround you; they are everywhere, working to keep people in bondage and darkness. But your power is amplified many times over. You have the power to release those in bondage. You have the power to overcome all evil. In your keys, you have liberty and freedom. Therefore start today and access this power I put in your hands; use it prayerfully and wisely, and walk in and claim victories. There are no obstacles to you; as long as you continue to do your part, I will never fail to do Mine.”

key of David

THE KEY OF DAVID IS THAT CHORD WHICH I STRIKE UPON THY HARP to awaken thee from slumber–that signals thee to come to life to help My Children in the time of their great distress. The Key that I strike upon thy harp–the chord which I strike upon thy strings, is the tone that signals thee–the Key of David!”

unplug from the matrix

“I SEE A PICTURE OF DAVID ASLEEP, entombed as it were in the matrix! Above his head hangs the harp of the Spirit of God that plays the music to which his soul responds. “Upon which I the Lord thy God strike the chord which draws instant response from thy heart and brings thee instantly alive–the tone signal that activates thee and brings thee to life to serve thy people. O David, thou hast been too long entombed. O Moses, thou hast wandered in the wilderness too long with My Children! Too long thou hast kept David buried, entombed in the matrix and the old ideas! But I have awakened thee through the Key of David, and thou hast awakened and led My Children–My People–to freedom!”

keyed to god’s spirit

“NEARLY ALL OF THESE NATURAL THINGS WHICH THE LORD HAS CREATED ARE VISIBLE ILLUSTRATIONS of the unseen spiritual realities of the spirit world to help us to try to understand it and grasp its truth, so we can know God better and love Him more–and also to warn us of the Enemy and his evil devices which try to jam and short-circuit our circuits and even burn out our spiritual and mental and physical mechanisms, so they’ll be rendered useless! Which is why He says that we’re not to be conformed to this world or wired according to the printed circuits of the Devil’s Matrix–after the Enemy’s patterns–so that we respond only to the Enemy and his vibrations, so that we are keyed to react only to his impulses to do his damnable works–But we are to be completely transformed–rewired by the renewing of our minds to an entirely new circuit pattern with different responses keyed to different reactions entirely–a completely new mechanism–a new creature in Christ Jesus–old things passed away, all things become new! It only takes one blast of the mighty searing power of the Holy Ghost to completely burn out all the Devil’s old circuits in a mighty infilling of God’s Spirit–God’s great electrical power!”

one touch

“BUT YOU MUST BE KEYED BY THE LORD, turned on and in tune with Him, so He can drop out your particular set of signals that turns your key–the Key that He holds in His Hand, that He alone knows–the secret name God knows, whose tones set you in motion! He holds your key! Are you ready for Him to turn it on? Is your spiritual receiver turned on to a position of full-time monitoring, even on standby, so that when He uses your Key, it will really turn you on, so He can blast away even if it causes you to explode like a radio-detonated bomb?”

The Keys of The Kingdom   The Keys of The Kingdom   The Keys of The Kingdom   The Keys of The Kingdom

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